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    MTV Videos / Touring / Onstage Mishaps / Picking Technique / In The Zone

    MTV Videos

    Sean CDSI: I was watching all the Y&T video's I have collected over the years and thought of a question to ask. Were the people in the video's friends of the band or just hired actors? The Blond Cheerleader in "Dont Stop Running" that Rock sheds a tear over at the end always caught my attention isnt she the same lady that is in the Contagious video too Another Question who's 57 chev was in the All American Boys video sweet car! Does everybody on the board here have a favorite vid ? I think they all rule but if I had to pick one I would have to pick "Lipstick & Leather" the original where Dee Snider breaks up the party disguised as Rock. Cool vid :d:

    The blonde in Don't Stop Running video was an actress hired by the video director. She was a knockout! Not the same girl as Contageous. I don't know who's 57 chevy that was. The Lipstick & Leather video was shot at the Beacon Theater in New York, during the day. We shot all the acting shots there, with the Twisted Sister guys. Later, they edited in bits of the SF Civic live shots from "L&L". That video got next to no airplay. I'm surprised you were able to find it.
    One of my favorite Y&T videos was for "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark". It was the first video to use more staged performance shots & I liked the way the band looked, though I didn't care for the choice of actors the director came up with.
    That video also, unfortunately, didn't get played very much. For those who are interested - all the videos that Y&T shot for MTV were
    as follows:
    Don't Stop Running
    Lipstick & Leather
    Y&T Live from San Francisco Civic Auditorium
    Summertime Girls
    All American Boy
    Don't Be Afraid of The Dark

    There are other bootleg videos shot by fans from other live shows & lots of TV stuff, like when we played 2 songs on American Bandstand. However,
    the above is the complete list of officially released videos.


    The Garage Sale Man:
    Dave, When you hit the road this tour, Are you planning on opening for someone and playing some big venue's or are you thinking you want to headline on the tour, so you have more time on stage, to do everything you want to do & just have fun & travel......?

    I would love to go out with a big headliner on a national tour this year. I hope I have the opportunity to do so. Interspersed with headline
    shows in smaller venues, both here & overseas.

    The Garage Sale Man:
    Are you concerned anymore with how popular you can get as a solo act, I ask because I feel you can really make a name for "The Dave Meniketti Band" out there nationally.

    That would be great. I would welcome the popularity. However I've learned to detach
    myself from the outcome, so it wouldn't ruin me emotionally, if I didn't meet all expectations.

    The Garage Sale Man:
    Is touring extensively something you want to do anymore, or is just about doing what you feel like & having fun and not worrying about marketing & cash flow from your work in music and just take what ever comes. I would think ,that if you pushed "The Dave Meniketti Band" In the next few years you would accumulate a BIG fan base once again, as you did with Y&T. Do you think so?
    That would be great to build the fan base up again. I know that would certainly be a big boost in the butt to me. I don't mind touring, within
    reason. I'm not all fired up at the prospect of spending 6 straight months at a time on the road, but there are plenty of ways to schedule things to be a bit more sane & I would love to get out there & see how far we could take it.

    The Garage Sale Man: What are your thoughts on your future career. If you could have it your way How would you like to see the rest of your career transpire ???? would love to see you play the Shoreline someday...hopefully that's in the cards.

    I can see the Shoreline in the near future as a possibility. I would like to take my career as far as it will take me, without having to cater to record execs. A more organic approach to success is what I'm after. Like Myron says: "We just gotta get out there and take the music to the people!"

    Onstage Mishaps

    Now Dave, how many times have you fallen down? My buddy and I used to watch to SF civic video all the time and got the biggest kick out of you
    because it looks like you almost bite the dust on one of your killer kicks!

    I've not fallen but maybe 2 times in my career on stage. All of those were due to other reasons, rather than kicking. I remember some other goofy things though: Someone pulled my necklace one time & actually almost pulled me into the
    audience. That & a few, too close, excited fans knocking my mic into my teeth a few times are some of the only times I remember getting slightly injured on stage.
    By the way, that picture was from the Donnington Festival in 1982, as we were the next to closing act. MSG was the band on after us that closed the festival that night.
    It was a cool gig & a great picture. I handed my camera to one of my road crew & asked him to take pictures of us as we played. He went all over the grounds & took some great memorable pictures from stage. Not bad for a roadie -huh Bill?

    Picking Technique

    I was listening to Y&T LIve yesterday (I've been listening to a few live albums recently, another is Deep Purple Made in Japan and also Poppa Chubby's Live in NYC). One thing I've been listening closely on all 3 albums is the right hand picking technique. I was wondering how much up/down picking you use. It's very easy to know on Blackmore's old albums when he does uses it. However, you're so smooth on the fast passages that I find it very hard to tell when you do use this techinique. Another point is sweep picking. Do you use it?

    I'm very much an up & down picker. I use that style almost all the time.
    I usually pick each note, rather than hitting every forth or fifth note & letting my left hand do all the work. There are plenty of guys that use that style to great advantage, but I'm not one of them.

    In the Zone

    I'm not sure if I can quite put this into words correctly, but I'll give it a go. When those moments hit me, it's like you're body goes into auto-pilot as far as being physically on stage, and I get this amazing warm rush. It seems like my body is wired directly into my deepest emotions & I just let my conscious mind get out of the way & let it all happen. I've been very lucky lately that getting into this "zone" has happened much more frequently in the last 3 years than I remember the previous decade. Musicians that experience this feeling come to live for those moments. I know I do.
    It's not like I'm flying, more like being "plugged in" to some hyper-emotional state & I try to let go while simultaneously going full bore. I realize that sounds a bit goofy, but I told you it's hard to put into words.
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