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Thread: Performing 2

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    Performing Sick or Hurt / Playing The Guitar

    Performing Sick or Hurt

    I was wondering if you ever got hurt. If you broke a leg I suppose they could prop you up in front of the mic stand and you could still play. But if you ever hurt your right hand that would be tragic! Every singer has had a sore throat!
    So do you just cancel the show or have you played hurt?

    I have played shows in all kinds of physical conditions. I have played many a gig with 102 fever, my nose running down my face between verses, tons of sore throats, etc. You just get out there & play & hope for the best. A lot of times the adrenaline rush helps to mask some of your symptoms, sometimes it's hell, but you try not to let on to the crowd about it. I have messed up a finger a few times & had to play with 3 fingers on my left hand, etc & been OK.
    I also had a hernia operation when I was about 24 & I was onstage playing a show 3 days later. I wore a truss & had to sit on a bar stool because I was so weak, but the show had to go on. I was not going to cancel a show for any reason other than completely losing my voice - and I mean "completely".

    Playing the Guitar

    Dave, what kind of practice schedule did you keep when starting out on the guitar? Do you have a set routine now or do you just jam whenever inspiration calls?

    When I first started playing guitar I never had it out of my hands.
    When I came home from school I had it in my hands all the time - watching TV, listening to music, doing nothing at all, etc. I used to play the melodies of anything that would come on TV, commercials, etc & try to play along, or cop the melody. It taught me to not be so rigid with where I started & hovered around the neck, when playing in any one key. Nowadays, I pick up the guitar on occasions whan watching TV, or when killing time. Most of the time I only seriously play whan I'm practicing with the band, writing or playing gigs. I find that it can be very fresh, when I'm in a rut, to leave it alone for a few days. I mostly just play by accident a lot, especially when I'm writing. It inspires me to come up with different stuff, rather than traversing the same patterns all the time. It's kinda like intentionally forcing myself to be sloppy, to find something I normally wouldn't have done by habit. There's no ultimate way to play or get inspired. Though playing a lot, when you first start out, is an advantage. And don't limit yourself to one kind of music. Listen & play along to all kinds of music. It's good for the soul & for inspiration.
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