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    Guitar Influences / "Facemelting" / Dave's Job History / Other Music

    Guitar Influences

    OK - here are my influences, to the best of my memory. I'm sure this isn't a complete list, because there are probably one's that I forgot to list. Also there are plenty of players that I loved to listen to, but I don't think they actually made much of an impact on my playing. So here
    goes . . .

    The main guys:
    Jimi Hendrix
    Duane Allman
    Dickie Betts
    Jeff Beck
    Jimmy Page
    Leslie West
    Gary Moore

    A few other influences:
    Neil Schon
    Michael Schenker
    Carlos Santana
    Eric Clapton
    Johnny Winter
    BB & Albert King
    Wes Montgomery
    Alan Holdsworth
    Ronnie Montrose
    Larry Carlton

    Guys who's vibrato I liked:
    Leslie West
    Paul Kossof
    Michael Schenker

    I've always tended to like the players that played with lots of emotion & intensity & seemed to have "out of body" experiences while playing. I would much rather listen to someone who makes you cry & every once in a while makes a blunder, than a perfect technician that has no soul. I also believe that most of my earlier influences were the strongest & then after I had been playing a while & developed my own style, I found I was less greatly influenced by other players. However, whenever you're in the presence of great players, it's hard for something not to rub off, even if it's very subtle. So I'm sure there are subtle bits of influences that I received from lots of other players I haven't listed above. Thanks for all the guessing. That was fun to read & brought back some memories.


    As I remember it, the guy that came backstage to say we melted his face was at the Santa Monica Civic when we opened for Kiss & Jo Jo Gunn in like 1974/75. He was a drummer fan that would come to all the So Cal shows Y&T played.

    Dave's Job History

    Me - well there's not much secret there - I play, write, engineer & occasionally help produce a few CD projects here & there. Other things I've explored in the last decade: I sung a few radio & TV commercials in the late 90's. Jill & I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit in us & when I was not doing much music in the early 90's we tried a few different things including starting a catalog for cruelty-free products at one point, which we sold. Then I started a classifieds publication for the pro-audio professional, which is still alive today in a diminished capacity. But other than that & the odd jobs I had as a young guy, I've been extremely fortunate to be able to keep a
    music-only career going for over 30 years now (not always an easy thing to do).

    Odd jobs: I've always had some kind of job, sometimes 2 or 3 at once, since I was 11 years old. I started, like all good east bay boys, working a paper route from 11-16 (some of those 3am Sunday mornings walking the streets of East Oakland alone were pretty scary). As I was doing that I also became a statistician & small-time sports writer for the Oakland Tribune covering mostly Babe Ruth League stuff when I was around 15-17. At one point I worked a short stint in the catalog retail dept at the Montgomery Wards store in east Oakland (no longer there) when I was a senior in high school. I moved out of my parent's house & rented a small house for about the last 4 months of high school as I worked at Wards. It was a weird time in our lives (that late 60's teenage rebelling thing). Before that I made the unfortunate decision to work about 8 months as a busboy/dishwasher at IHop when I was a junior in high school. In my mid to late teens I also got talked into working with a guy on & off doing sheet metal work (not smart for a musician) installing gutters & central heat systems in houses. There was a job cleaning an orthodontist office on weekends, where I fell off the roof cleaning the skylight one time (luckily not a 2 story building & I landed on my feet). Of course, I did more than my share of yard work around the house plus repairing all the appliances, electrical work, building repairs & all the tune-up & repair work on our family cars, including rebuilding engines. Always love working with my hands. Then, at the ripe old age of 18, I joined up with Leonard, started playing gigs every weekend & never looked back. Of course I couldn't have done that very well without being able to live at home for those first few years of music-only stuff. Yeah my parents weren't too happy about that, but they didn't kick me out just the same. Just lots of long heated battles explaining how I "really" wanted to be a musician & that's all. They couldn't bare the thought of their A student son wasting his brain on a "music career"! Well, they eventually got it & it all worked out.
    Other Music

    What bands do you listen to these days ?

    I really don't listen to much in the way of new rock bands. When I'm just sitting around I listen to all kinds of different stuff - jazz, r&b, rock & classical mainly.
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