Menichetti / Danny P / Roadie Friends


Hello Dave ,
My name is Alessandro and I am Italian.
I live in a city called Torino in the north of Italy.I did not know you
until I got your "On the Blue Side" CD which is fantastic!
Your surname sounds like an Italian name, am I right ?
I want you to know that I like your music a lot and the way you play the

Alessandro, Yes I am 100% Italian. My father's familia is from Gubbio &
my mother's family is a split from both northern Italy & Sicily. My dad,
sister, my wife & our families were just in Italy in October on
vacation. We visited Rome, Tivoli, Gubbio, Cortona, Assisi, Sienna,
Florence, Perugia & Venice.
My family's name is actually spelled Menichetti, but was changed by my
dad's father when he came to America in the early 1900's. I'm very proud
of the Italian heritage & glad you finally found out about my music.

Hey all - Just got back in town!
Hope all of you are doing well, I've been out of the country for the
last 2 weeks & I'm just checking back in.
Just spent a very needed 2 weeks in Italy with my entire family & got
back yesterday - sick as a dog. Don't worry, I've got 3 weeks before the
first Y&T show, so I'm sure to be back in form by then.
Italy was great & perfect weather too. Most of my friends thought we
were crazy for leaving to Italy at this time of crisis, but I figured
that it might have even been more safe than not, because of the
heightened security & awareness. Needless to say, everything went well &
there were "tons" of other American tourists over there who obviously
weren't staying away from vacation either.
I'm coming back into a firestorm of work, so excuse me if I'm not as
present on this forum over the next few weeks. I have a solo album to
complete, Y&T reheasals & gigs & a ton of other stuff. Should be
interesting to say the least.
Glad to be back on the forum, though I can't say I'm glad to be out of
Italy - it was awesome! Can't wait to go back & play next time around.

Entire family?
I'm curious -(and probably uninformed, too): Are we talking Parents &
In-Laws, or are there Little Menikettis running around?

No little Meniketti's - I went with my wife, my dad, my sister, her
husband & child & my wife's sister & her husband.
Yup - 8 people & we still managed to have a great time & didn't end up
hating each other!
Generally I don't recommend vacations with a bunch of people, but this
was great.
My dad finally got the chance to see the town where his parents &
grandparents lived & it was a very cool experience for all of us
Meniketti's. Our last name's spelling was changed by my grandfather when
he came to America, it was originally spelled Menichetti (the ch is
pronounced as a "k" sound in the Italian language). There were at least
50 Menichetti's in the phone book in that small town of Gubbio, Italy
where my dad's parents were from. It was an eye-opening experience.

Dave, were your parents supportive of your career?

Not at first. They HATED the fact that I was trying to be a pro
musician, rather than an electrical engineer, or something else they
expected me to be. It was a fight almost every week for many years.
The incredible thing is, that anyone who ever met my parents in the 80's
or 90's would have never believed this. They turned into some of my
biggest supporters. As I said, that was hard fought respect! Lots of
knock-down drag-out fights & tears shed on this subject.
I tell this story of how my parents were in the early days, for an
We had already released 2 records & been touring nationally & gaining
recognition worldwide. We played 2nd bill to Journey one night at the
Winterland Auditorium in San Francisco to a sold out crowd, getting 2
Now you gotta know, that just took a whole lot of sweat & years to get
to that position, and yet that was the first time my parents ever saw me
play. In their minds, I think they thought I was screwing around playing
dumb party gigs, or something. Needless to say, it completely blew them
away. They had no idea.
A friend, that stood next to them on the floor of Winterland, said they
were pointing to the stage & saying "That's my son up there". Funny how
things go. From that moment on things started to change at my house. It
still took a bit more time to get them to come around completely, but
that was a big jump start.
After that, my dad would always tell me before every tour I'd leave for,
or every local gig - "mow 'em down, Dave". I waited to hear that &
counted on it as a good luck charm, of sorts.
He still knows every damn lyric to the songs & probably remembers more
stuff than I do.

I have been a big fan since I saw you in 1984 at the Pheonix in Petaluma
(Black Tiger Album). I was excited to learn of your new group and the
blues CD. I just purchased it. It goes right along side my Gary Moore
blues CDs! Anyway, I am am a professional musician myself (guitar,
accordion, trumpet, and vocals)and over the years I have heard about
Meniketti Music in Oakland (through the accordion scene). I know that
Mr. Meniketti is passed on but I was wondering if you were related to
him? Also did you ever play the accordion yourself?

OK everybody - here's the deal. I actually did play accordian! Like all
good Italian boys did.
I have a picture of me with glasses on, playing accordian when I was
about 11 years old. Funny, but in my recollection, I kinda looked like
Weird Al in that shot. Maybe I'll dig it up & post it on the site. Good
for a few laughs.
BTW, it was my "uncle" that owned Meniketti Music in Oakland. I didn't
know him very well, because he estranged himself from the rest of the
Meniketti brothers when he was a young man in the 1930's (his wife tore
him away from his family) & I only saw him about 3 times in my life. Too
bad really, I would have liked to have had a chance to know him better.
I understand he did a lot of good things out of that store for folks
that couldn't afford much. He was a popular accordian instructor in
Oakland before I was on this earth.
I think a lot of people in the 70's thought that my dad owned that store
& that I got all my equipment from there. Nope. I went in that store one
time, when I was around 20 years old, just to check it out. My uncle was
there & didn't even know who I was. It was kinda weird, so I just got
outta there and never went back.
Danny P

HAZE 3:16:
Can anybody tell me more about the infamous Danny P who is mentioned in
the greatest Rock and Roll song of all time "ALCOHOL"? I know on the
"TEN" album liner notes it says farewell rest in peace Danny P.

Danny P is Danny Peterson. He was a close friend of Leonard's & Phil's.
The first time I ever jammed with Leonard, was at the house that Danny
was living at in the Oakland hills. He always hung around with us at
parties, practices, gigs, etc. He even helped out for a short time as an
early roadie (a few of our friends helped us in the early days).
He was a real nice guy & was a major part of the wild & crazy "early
days" of Y&T from 1972 through the early 80's. He died in his late 20's
or early 30's, as I recall.
Roadie Friends

Dave, I noticed this name on the Yesterday & Today Live CD. Is he the
same guitar tech that now works for Slash?

Yes - Adam Day was our guitar roadie for many years, until he got
snagged by Guns & Roses. Can't remember the series of events that led to
that - probably because someone offered to pay him more dough & we were
inbetween tours at the time. It happens all the time. If you can't
afford to keep your road crew on retainer while you're home writing &
recording, they always get offers to go out with other popular bands.
Sometimes they come back, sometimes they move on to bigger & better
With Y&T - most guys went on to bigger & better.
My friend from high school, Scott Ross, who I taught to be a roadie,
went on to work for Journey, Poison, etc & is currently (and has been
for many years) Van Halen's tour manager.
A friend of ours, Scott Welch, went out on his first tour with us, as
stage manager on the Contagious tour & now he's Alanis Morrisett's
One of my old guitar tech's from the bay area, Mike Rush, has been with
Motley Crue & many others throughout the years.
My manager, who we coerced into being our sound man in 1980, ended up
being Y&T's manager, then made a fortune managing Steve Miller for 6
I could go on.
It's funny how we ended up changing all of these guys lives. Most of
them were just friends that had no intention of getting involved in the
music industry. Simply by us asking them to help us out, we took their
lives on a completely different course. Most for the better.
Just thought you'd trip on that.