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2-11-04 ~ More DVD News
1-25-04 ~ New Booking Agent for 2004
1-16-04 ~ Touring for 2004
12-20-2003 ~ Possible Birthday Bash DVD?
11-17-03 ~ A Great Weekend High!
9-3-03 ~ The Future of Y&T?
8-12-03 ~ Future DVD and CD Releases
7-21-03 ~ Joey Jams Again!
7-20-03 ~ Unearthed Vol. 1
7-10-03 ~ The Unreleased CD
3-30-03 ~ Stef sub picked!
3-22-03 ~ No Stef on the upcoming shows
1-15-03~ A few more new things
1-6-03 ~ The new band is rocking & new LIVE CD! 12-9-02 ~ LA date & band
member changes! 10-19-02 ~ The Latest Stuff
9-3-02 ~ Status Report

More DVD News

Speaking of DVDs. I am in the process of putting together an in-house
bootleg from my Birthday Bash gig, along with some other takes from
previous Meniketti band shows over the last 3 years. It won't be a "pro"
shoot, but it will be acceptable sound quality & hopefully reasonable
video quality on most cuts. Many of these takes were shot on a simple
$700 digital video cam with built in stereo mics. Amazingly enough, for
as rough as that may be, the sound is actually quite good considering &
I think it will be a fun thing for the true fan to have in their
As far as Y&T is concerned, I know we will shoot some show or shows this
year for a DVD release & I'm sure it will be of professional quality.
I'm still interested in seeing the video that was shot 2 of the 3 nights
at the Petaluma shows in November. Though it was only a 2 camera shoot
from the balcony, it may have some stuff that is priceless to include in
some future DVD to come.
We have no idea where & when this Y&T DVD will be shot yet so I can't
help you there. I do know that all of you forum readers will know well
in advance when these dates will be.
There is also a fairly significant backlog of Y&T videos that we have to
spend some time going through. If we find enough good stuff, bootleg or
not, to put together for a future DVD we'll do that as well.
1-25-04 ~ New Booking Agent for 2004

Y&T Has just procured a new agent in the US as of a week ago. We're
looking into doing a shed tour in the US this summer. However, I must
say that Phil & I are really not the least bit interested in doing one
of those 80's packages unless it's with bands we respect AND if we don't
get shoved way down in the lineup. There's nothing more frustrating than
playing outdoor festivals & being the 1st or 2nd act onstage in a 5 or 6
band bill. You usually get about 30 minutes max & people aren't even in
the stadium yet or are in line buying a beer for the main acts while you
are playing. No thanks - that's not what I wanna see happen for our 30th
year in the biz. Luckily, our agent understands & we'll see what comes
out of this.
Oh yeah, it would be a blast to tour with Tesla. 2 good straight ahead
rock bands from the bay area. Good idea.
1-16-04 ~ Touring for 2004

Dave Meniketti:
Y&T & Meniketti are working on plans to tour extensively all over the
world in 2004. We will begin this in April & it's just too early to
share any dates with you yet. We'll know much more in the next 60 days.
Hang in there.
We're hoping for a UK return this year. It's all up to booking agents at
this point, so anything can happen. You can bet yer ass we want to come
play again for you. We're held hostage by the agents at this moment.
East Coast:
Boy I know you guys are freezing & need some good rocking to warm yer
asses up right now. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) Y&T/I won't be
touring out East until at least the 2nd quarter of the year. We'll wait
until you all thaw out.
12-20-2003 ~ Possible Birthday Bash DVD?

Dave Meniketti:
Just started to look at some video clips of the Birthday Bash weekend.
My brother in law shot most of the 1st night & my friend Kraig filmed
both nights as well. The sound is anywhere from really good, to
acceptable (probably will sound good with a bit of EQ). Using the
built-in stereo mics on the camera, in that room from the balcony, it's
a cool thing.
If it all looks/sounds acceptable, like I think it will, look for a
possible "Official Birthday Bash Bootleg DVD" coming soon. This will not
be state of the art Dolby Surround, but it will probably be a fun thing
to have.
11-17-03 ~ A Great Weekend High!

Speaking for myself, Phil and John, I will join Leonard in thanking the
fans for making this one of the most memorable weekend performances of
Y&T's lengthy career. I know this one will live in "my" body & soul for
a long time.
As I have mentioned before, it takes a combination of band & crowd
enthusiasm to cook up a brilliant performance & there was no lacking on
the crowd side of the stage! We knew this had the potential of being a
special weekend by Joey's appearance alone, but I think it surpassed all
of the band members expectations.
Boy, if we had only made that DVD this weekend. Damn! (actually, unknown
by the band, the DVD company showed up on Sat & Sun to do a simple 2
camera shoot with a few room mics, to show Scott a bit of their ability
for the shoot next year - it will be interesting to see if any of this
is usable). PLEASE don't ask if this will be released yet. Let the band
check it out first.
9-3-03 ~ The Future of Y&T?

Only time will answer that question. We're taking it a day at a time to
see how far we all feel we want to go with this newly reformed band. The
band members don't have a perfectly worked out game plan. We've been
taking it as it comes & luckily it's been coming along quite well this
last year. I can guarantee you that the band is looking forward to more
& more dates all the time, so that will not stop for the forseeable
future. My main point is that we have not really made any effort to
discuss new CD plans that require writing new tunes (besides the few new
tracking sessions that we've had for the "Un Earthed" CD). After all, it
was not much longer than a year ago that we weren't even sure if we
would play more than 6 shows a year. So while we're taking leaps in the
live performances category, we're still taking baby steps & testing the
waters in other areas. I think many fans will find this new UnEarthed CD
will seem very much like a new studio CD from Y&T. We expect that some
of these tunes may very well end up making a few fans new Y&T favorites
8-12-03 ~ Future DVD and CD releases

Y&T has finally been understanding that people want to see & hear all
this stuff. A few of us have been talking about releasing a DVD with all
the legit videos that Y&T recorded along with other DVDs of different
live videos, both commissioned & bootlegs. Along with that, we are
currently working on obtaining the rights to re-release the old records
on CD. All this stuff takes time and money and is being sorted out
"right now" & I'm happy that we're seriously taking an effort to make
this happen.
7-21-03 ~ Joey Jams with Y&T!

Well it happened tonight at rehearsal. Joey played about 8 songs with us
at rehearsal! We got some pictures with him at the studio & he sounded
great playing with us. He agreed that he'd love to come on stage with us
in November and play a few tunes as a guest appearance. That would make
it real cool & an extra special thing to be filming for a DVD.
I'll post pictures a little later tonight or tomorrow." -Dave