Things Not Done

I figured I would throw a question up here and ask you if there is
anything, perhaps something that you wished you OR HOPEFULLY STILL WOULD
LIKE TO DO that you never have ?

The quick things that popped into my mind are music related.
I used to wish I would have seen the original Jeff Beck Group with Rod
Stewart & the original Allman Bros Band with Duane. I think I would
still consider that in the running of "things not done".
I'm certain there are many other life experience things, but I can't
think of them at the moment.
I'll have to get back to ya on that one.
I would love to rent a place for a month in a new city & state, on a
bi-yearly basis. To really get the feel for all the different people,
vibes, weather, terrain, etc that we so often only read about, rather
than experience.
It seems foolish that we should mainly spend most of our entire lives
within a few square miles & a few small buildings when there is so much
more to see & be fulfilled by. Now if there was a good way to do all
this & still pay the bills. That's the trick.
Hearing Himself on the Radio

Dave, Can you describe what you feel when you hear one of your songs
playing on the radio? I'm sure the first time (almost 30 years ago -
shhhhhh) has to be undescribable, but nowadays, to be driving to the
store and "Forever" kicks in... Do you crank it and stay in the car
until it finishes or treat it like any other song?

I feel a rush when I hear a Y&T tune on the radio. That part never quite
goes away, no matter how many years you've experienced it. The pulse
quickens & sometimes I feel a sense of accomplishment, and other times I
wanna pull that old tune out of the radio & insert a newer version with
me singing & playing better. I would bet that's probably a universal
reaction from musicians.
Karate Meniketti

Originally posted by Tommy Merry:
I heard a rumor from a good friend of Joeys years ago. I know the
original line up was some pretty major partiers, (I've seen Leonard and
Joey in full Bosephus mode a few times LOL) but Dave seemed to be the
most radical even though he was straight!
So the story goes: it was after the show and the band was partying in
the hotel room, Dave came over to join them in the room and got in the
party spirit, and on request, jumped up and did a Karate kick and
knocked out the overhead lamp on the ceiling!! It sounds far fetched..
but seeing Dave do those kicks on stage back in the day, and hearing he
was a black's not to hard to imagine. it true? =)

Dave Meniketti:
The story is true.
It was in Zurich at the end of the ACDC "For Those About To Rock"
European tour. It was Dec 12th (my birthday) & we just found out that
the tour was over (we thought we were doing a few more shows in Italy).
The band was happy we were going home for the holidays & it was a crazy
night in the hotel & the surrounding area. I have pictures of that
night, including our stage manager, completely naked, picking up fries
off of someone's plate that was left outside their room in the hallway
of the hotel.
I got crazy & someone dared me to kick out the recessed light on the
ceiling. The crew didn't think I could do it & the band knew I could -
so I did.
Guys were pissing in the TV while it was on, we were moving everyone's
extra beds into 1 room, etc, etc. You know - stupid road stuff.
And yes, I did take Kenpo Karate before we started Y&T & was pretty good
at it. The place I trained was like a monastery in their dedication &
attitude. They beat the crap out of us and demanded incredible
concentration & respect. It was harder than basic training at times
(according to a few military guys that took alongside us). Many people
got injured nightly in class. It was very serious stuff at that school.
My kicking probably came from that, though I would just do it
uncontrollably at shows when I would get real excited.
Band Connections

I just bought Contagious and Ten on cd. (have them on tape already) But,
looking through the lyrics and credits I noticed that Al had some
songwriting credit. I was curious how this came to be and what the
connection was. As I never heard of him until he started playing for
Megadeth. (If in fact it is the same person) I'm not sure if this has
ever been asked before but search revealed not.

Dave Meniketti:
The Al Pitrelli connection with Y&T was from Jimmy. Right after Jimmy
joined the band, as we were still writing for the Contageous record,
Jimmy submitted Temptation" from a former band he was in with Al & Bruno
Revel, back in PA. Al, Bruno & he were old buds from childhood & played
in at least 2 different bands together, well before he joined Y&T in
1986. Temptation was a cool tune. We re-worked it & made it our own.
When Y&T dis-banded after 1991, Jimmy eventually played a stint with
Alice Cooper. He recommended Al To Alice & then years later, did it
again with Megadeth.
Jimmy got the gig with Alice through Stef, who immediately got the Alice
gig right after the 1991 breakup. When Alice Cooper did the tune on
Wayne's World, his drummer was out of town for the movie shoot, so Stef
recommended Jimmy for the shoot. He flew down to LA, rehearsed the tune
with the band, did the movie clip & within a year or so, he ended up
joining the Cooper band for a while.
That's how that all went around. Which, once again goes to prove - "It's
all in who you know".