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Thread: 12-11-04 ~ The Little Fox Theatre - Redwood City, CA

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    Default 12-11-04 ~ The Little Fox Theatre - Redwood City, CA

    Dave's 2nd Annual Birthday Bash

    Dave, Myron, Chris, and Tommy
    -I can't take it
    -Bad feeling
    -Mr. big
    -Take it like a man
    -Man's world
    -Tough luck ave
    -Lay me down
    -Take my time
    -Until the next time
    -I remember
    -Angel on my shoulder
    -Tell me (why I should wait)
    -Mister blister
    -Sail on by
    -No lies
    Dream jam:
    w/ Jeff-drums, Leo-Bass, and Leif-Rhythm guitar
    Grand funk railroad live jam - 1970:
    w/ John, Phil, and Leonard
    -Inside looking out
    Y&T set:
    w/ Dave, Phil, Leonard, and John
    -Winds of change
    w/ Dave, Phil, Leonard, John, AND JOEY!
    -25 hrs a day
    -One way out (Allman brothers)
    -Midnight in Tokyo
    w/ Dave, Phil, Leonard, and John
    -I'll cry
    -Straight through the heart

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    I should NOT have missed this show. One o' my mother's so-called friends went to see her in the hospital 2 days before the show...I talked to the witch one day before the show & found out that she had sat by mum's bedside suckin' cough drops cuz she had a nasty cough. Shitferbrains! I must have arrived right after she left & sat there myself for 2 hours breathin' the witch's germs! Damn her.
    I got the cough the day o' the show.
    "Negativity isn't good for the soul." ~Phil Kennemore

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    Default free stuff

    It might be good to make those cover tuns as free stuff since they were recorded at the show HUMMM free stuff for xmas!

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