Those of you that know me and know the old Petaluma parties, know I brew beer. If you were at the parties at the 6 or Janines, you were drinking my beer. I recently quit my brewing job. I got fired from bullshit in Feb from a 7 year job and just quit the latest brewery I've been working since then, to start my own beer store. It's a beer store/tap room/growler fill store. I'll be selling beers from around the west coast, then expanding to world wide. We have a small bar area to sit and have a beer or get your growler filled. I cashed out my life savings and I'm tapping into my home improvement loan. We've been getting a lot of positive responses from people and think we will have a big customer base. Maybe one day, we can do a Y&T day when they come to town again. We are also going to have a small wine selection for the wine drinkers. Maybe Dave and Jill can throw in their thoughts on wine.