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Thread: Thank you dave.......

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    Default Thank you dave.......

    The last year has found me dealing with some of the worst times I recall. To say I am Shocked I am even still alive is a understatement. What kept me from taking the cowards way out of this life, is something I will never understand.

    I found myself Listing to "Sail on by" LOTS!!! Crying, screaming at God, You name it. I was a fing basket case. Once I stopped and really paid attention to the lyrics of that song, I found myself saying, Yea, It makes sense. I gotta let it be, I gotta sail on by the sorrow. For whatever reason, the more I listened, the more they made sense, for whatever reason, they helped me keep pushing. So now when I find my sadness kicking my ass,I simply remind myself, I do gotta sail on by. Let it be, the sun will shine tomorrow. Helps. So thank you dave...........

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    Tym, so good to know that you have found your way out of the sadness and depression and are doing well. It's most gratifying and humbling to know that one of our songs had a positive impact when in your darkest hours. That's a good feeling that we could offer help through our music.

    My best to you, for your continued happiness.


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    Sail on my friend. Lifes got hills. Also has mountains. Climb and conquer.

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    "Sail on By" is an under-appreciated masterpiece! What a stunning melody.

    Hell, 'Musically Incorrect' AND 'Endangered Species' are chock full of gems..

    "God Only Knows" is another jewel, not to mention those that NEVER seem to get any mention, i.e. "Don't Know What to Do", "Pretty Prison", "Gimme the Beat", "I've Got My Own" "No Regrets, etc...

    AND....of course, "Nowhere Land", featuring ol' Phil himself!!
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" - Benjamin Franklin

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