Heads Up Everyone!......After over 2 months of hand wringing and sleepness nights, , the powers that be at MORC...... FINALLY listened to all of us and made that long awaited announcement Saturday that our own "Y & T" will again be on board for Monsters Of Rock 2015, April 18th thru April 22, 2015! I want to personally thank each and every one of you who went over to the MORC facebook page and pled your case, I recognized lots of names but there were also dozens of fans from all over the place who also requested "Y & T" come back for our enjoyment.They listened!

So now the fun begins, if you haven't already laid down your deposit....do so! Cabin selections and pricing will be out shortly. Trust me on this....if you have your heart set on a balcony go for it, but I found last time I stepped out onto it all of 2 times, there was so much to see and do we were hardly in the cabin cept' to sleep and change clothes! It doesn't have to be expensive. Start researching those hotel rooms in Miami or Miami Beach. (I know the general area I want to stay in!) And it is NOT the weekend of the Ultra Music Festival this time thank goodness. Flights will be booked down the line. If you are new this year to MORC lots of us here have sailed before and can help you with just about anything.

I'm pretty happy with the line-up so far, hoping for maybe one or two more BIG surprises but am really looking forward to seeing Krokus again, Tyketto who is getting a "big buzz", Europe, Kip Winger, Winery Dogs, (Wow) and other bands who I haven't even experienced before. Icing on the will be another Port other than Nassau! So Let's Get This Party Started! Who's with me! Thanks again everyone, Lauretta