Just went and checked out the new GODZILLA flick in IMAX 3D and I gotta tell ya... as a longtime Godzilla "semi-fan"...

You have to see it! Preferably in 3D!

The scenery... or should I say... the DEPTH of scenery is visually amazing! Sometimes I got lost just looking at all the intricacies of the background and forgot about what was actually going on in the scene. Very cool when a flick can do that to you.

Also, the acting was quite respectable, even if the characters were a little "mundane" at times. I was able to stick with it and not feel like I was trudging through.

As for the Beast himself, a throwback is the best description physically, only with attitude and characteristics that bring him into present day. There are a few good "chuckle" moments with the big guy in the flick... as there should be... this GODZILLA for crying out loud!

Good stuff... you have to check it out if you're even a REMOTE fan of the legendary guy. 4 out of 5!