So I'm at Barnes and Noble yesterday getting my Mom a book for Mother's Day. I drift over to the Travel section and on to the Performing Arts aisle and see that Eddie Trunk has a couple of books, OK, pick up Volume 1 and see a scant 2 inches of mention of "Y & T, think "Pathetic" and put it back. Pick up Volume 11, go for the index and Photo Credits catch my eye, "Jill Meniketti"??? Promising! There's an amazing 8 full color pages with photos of our "Y & T" in this one, JACKPOT! It's the most coverage I think I've ever seen in print for a compilation publication. I stopped buying music books a long time ago but this was an exception, on to the checkout stand for me. If/When the boys are invited back for MOR 2015 this is definatley going in the suitcase and I'll track Eddie down to sign it! Pretty cool huh? Go get it!!! "L"

Eddie Trunk's Essential, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Volume II