Hi everyone, before we were even off the beautiful MSC Divina last week we received the flyer announcing next years Monsters of Rock Cruise, "Poseidon's Revenge". Sailing April 18th, 2015. So far scheduled bands are Europe, ("The Final Countdown"), Night Ranger, Lita Ford, Stryper, KIX, Zebra, Honeymoon Suite, & Keel among others.

Sooooo, who's missing!!! With the incredible success of the Monsters of Rock cruises now competition to be booked is hot and heavy. Their making us WORK now for our favorite bands to appear and get the best set times. We need ALL OF YOU-if you're definately planning on sailing again and have your deposit in, thinking about going next year, (you have a year to save), or just want to see "Y & T" get this fantastic exposure and want to help the cause we need YOU!!!

Go to the Monsters of Rock facebook page and post that you want "Y & T" back on board next year!!! Let Larry Morand the Promoter know how much you enjoyed the cruise if you went, Kat, Jamie, Kelly, Frank, SusanRocks, Lorraine, Raiderhog & family, Charger, Lisa, Rikki, Derek, I know I'm forgetting a few of you, sorry, and that you want to book again and want "Y & T" front and center. (You can even suggest some different Ports this time too). Some of us are showing up in the posted photos already or on the souvenir DVD. Spread the word on your own facebook page to those who may not participate on this Forum as well....Think of the music, the sandy beaches and those rum filled drinks. Let's do it!!!

Thank each and everyone of you for your efforts! Cheers, Lauretta