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Thread: Houston...and one off my VERY short bucketlist!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Meniketti View Post
    Cody, what can I say to your review but - Thank You so much for putting that all together with so much emotion. It makes us all so proud to hear reviews like this, and in no small part is the catalyst for us to continue to do what we do.

    I was being tongue in cheek that night to say, "tell us this isn't the best show you've seen this year". Never uttered that phrase before a crowd, but it was all in the spirit of fun and give the crowd a zinger to get them up & ready for the last few tunes of the night. Just glad that we made it all worth your long trip, and proud to be part of what has to be some of the best times for me on the road.

    Cheers to you and may this be the first of a long line of live Y&T shows to come for you.
    Dave, Thank you, Thank You< THANK YOU! You're awesome and really made a dream come true. I realize I am but one person in a sea of friends but, you need to know what kind of impact you and your music has made on, not just me, but many people. It matters.

    When I received your "farewell" CD, as the music director of a rock radio station (and HUGE fan) I was devastated... How could Y&T call it quits?!!? I'm left with grunge??? Nooooooooo!

    I hope the cruise is going well and you guys are having a great time. It was an honor and pleasure to meet, and hang out with you guys. Jill said you were worn out and I completely understand.(Heard you drove the last 3 hitches) ((What an effin warrior!!!)) And although I know it was was true. I appreciate it. More than most. (I notice the little things) ((Nymanns guitar going out, and you covering seamlessly, without the crowd knowing any different)).

    I will drive racks and stacks 100+ dates this year and ALL of them should see the machine that IS Y&T to learn how to be PRO!!

    Thanks again Dave. Really. Tell Jill and all the guys hello, and know what you're doing matters.



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    David , Crazy good show My Wife and Brother were there I couldn't talk the next day from screaming it was the BEST SHOW WE HAVE SEEN. Since we saw you back in the eighties in the country club in San Fernando valley.. You guys were so Tight it was the best...It was a shame more people didn't show up but I think the ones that were there enjoyed the Hell out of it...Love you guys keep rockin!!!!!

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    That is a great first...and second post! I too remember being devastated when "Yesterday And Today Live" was released! It was like hitting a wall going 60 MPH. Y&T was such a huge part of growing many here have said,"Y&T's music was the soundtrack of my life"; and to have that farewell CD in my hands was a rude awakening! At that time Motley had just released "Primal Scream", Whitney Houston's pre-recorded rendition of the national anthem was at the top of the charts, and grunge and boy bands were the products the radio stations were shoving down our collective throats. It was sobering to say the least.

    Thank God Dave and the boys got back together a few years later. Not only did they get back together, but they produced some great music since those dark days! Both of the Unearthed albums are great( especially Vol 2 which I have really been digging lately), and I'd put "Musically Incorrect", "Endangered Species", " Facemelter" and "Live at the Mystic" up there with the best of my favorite albums from any band.

    But most importantly, I can not believe how many great experiences I have been fortunate enough to experience live with Y&T since that day I held "Yesterday And Today Live" in my hands. I look forward to hearing what comes next, and many more great times to be had live at a Y&T show!

    There is nothing on the planet that makes me feel the way I feel when I am at a Y&T show!

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