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Thread: SoCal 2014 Setlist(s)

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    Default SoCal 2014 Setlist(s)

    Hello Dave, John, Mike, Brad, & Jill!

    Really looking forward to the upcoming swing in May. It's been quite a while since I've last posted here, but I continue to browse regularly. Just wanted to throw out a few tune proposals, ok...personal requests, for consideration in SoCal.

    Hang 'Em High (My fave Y&T)
    Down And Dirty (Coach House...Friday Night & all)
    She's A Liar
    Kid Goes Crazy

    and an AWESOME ballad...

    This Time (Come on's been a while & IRWT 30th baby!)

    As always, I've never once been dissatisfied with a Y&T setlist in nearly 30 years of attendance. Youz guyz are the pinnacle of live rock IMO, and I've always enjoyed & admired the personal relationship the band has had with it's fans through the years. Please feel free to comment on my "suggestions" and whether or not any have a chance of making the grade for the SoCal gigs.

    Cheers All!
    Gnothi Seauton..."Your enemy lies within".

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    Great choices with one exception Wiley. My daughter and I will be at the Coach House, hope to see you there.

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