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Thread: Toronto - April 12,2014

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    Cool Toronto - April 12,2014

    Hi Guys:

    I'm a huge fan, and have been since roughly 1980. In fact, I still listen to, 'Best of 81-85', regularly on my MP3 player. I can't wait to see your show in Toronto, in April. This will be the first real opportunity for me to see a live Y&T show. In fact, I'm flying in from Halifax, (approximately 1000 miles), just for this show. My questions for the band are:

    Will there be opportunity to perhaps meet the band, and possibly have my vinyl copy of, 'In Rock We Trust' signed?

    Would it be possible to to have my picture taken with the band?

    And finally, will there be tour t-shirts available for purchase at this show?

    I'm looking forward to this being one of the best rock and roll shows I've ever seen! See you in April.

    Yours in Rock


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    David - You won't be disappointed in your decision to fly out for the show. Are you going to both nights (May as well if you're making the trip!)? They normally do a meet and greet after each show at which point you can grab a photo and autograph. ...and I would bring some cash along for that shirt as well

    Have fun and post a review!

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