I don't really care for southern rock, so I never really listened to Black Oak Arkansas. I mean, sure, I'd heard "Jim Dandy", but I thought the song was kind of lame.

So when I turned on the radio this morning and they were interviewing Johnny Bolin (Tommy's brother -- a Sioux City resident) about the new BOA album and were about to play the new singlet ("Plugged In And Wired"), I nearly changed the station thinking I'd hate it. And I did at first, but as the song played, I thought, "this guy sounds like a cartoon character -- Hanna Barbera or maybe even Loony Toons". The song grew on me quickly to the point where I kinda wanted to hear it again.

Sitting at home now, listening to the song for the third or fourth time, I'm hearing elements of Montrose and Van Halen -- I'd heard that Roth pretty much stole his act from Dandy, so I guess this is my proof.

Weird. I don't remember the last time a song got under my skin this quickly.