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Thread: Nothing but LOVE for this band !

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    Default Nothing but LOVE for this band !

    Just like many, I have been a fan for years. Seeing the band in small clubs in the 80's like 'The Stone " to these days. Went to the FatCat back in 2010 and met my wife there. Since then Santa Cruz.... X -Fest , everytime you guys come we are there.So Jan 31 is going to be awesome...... Love Y and T and love my wife! Cant F#$@ing Wait !!!!! Shawn!!!!!

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    Hi, what a great first post, thanks! Give us a review of the show, we went last night to the Catalyst, just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new intro, so exciting! "L"
    Forever, Lauretta!

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    New intro??? Oooooo....April 19th is getting CLOSER. This snow better be gone by then !!!!!

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