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Thread: January 4th 2014 (Maui)

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    Default January 4th 2014 (Maui)

    Well, well. Looks like Whiskey T and I will be able to attend the first show of a bay area band since Sammy played here a couple years ago. Been awhile since we've seen the band, as we've been out here in the middle of the pacific going on four years now. Who took over on bass? I assume John N. will be coming too?

    Seems like forever since that first birthday bash show, and all those norcal Meniketti Band shows (loved that band).

    I'll try to get as many of the local rock musicians to be there as possible (can think of a couple of younger guitarists that should witness this, too).
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    yeah, the birthday bash!!! the wife flew me out for my birthday (the day before Dave's) and they were all so awesome...incredible show...joey, leonard, meniketti band...awesome, totally awesome!!!

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