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Thread: Hedon, Zwolle/ Holland Oct. 30th 2011

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    Default Hedon, Zwolle/ Holland Oct. 30th 2011

    Hi all, I'm new here.
    If I remember all correctly this was Y&T's setlist for the Zwolle show.
    Fantastic 2.5 hrs show with Earthshaker being played in it's entirety.
    Y&T delivered once again and to be honest this was one of the best rock/metal shows I've seen in quite sometime!

    On With The Show Tour 2011
    Sunday October 30th 2011
    Hedon, Zwolle/ Holland

    01- On With The Show
    02- Black Tiger
    03- Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
    04- Meanstreak
    05- Midnight In Tokyo
    06- Shine On
    07- If You Want Me
    08- Blind Patriot
    09- Winds Of Change
    10- Hungry For Rock
    11- Dirty Girl
    12- Shake It Loose
    13- Squeeze
    14- Rescue Me
    15- Young And Tough
    16- Hurricane
    17- Drumsolo
    18- Let Me Go
    19- Knock You Out
    20- I Believe In You
    21- I'm Coming Home
    22- Don't Bring Me Down
    23- Don't Wanna Lose
    24- Open Fire
    25- Hang 'Em High
    26- Forever
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