1. On with the show
2. Black tiger
3. Dirty girl
4. Meanstreak
5. Don't be afraid of the dark
6. Lipstick and leather
7. Don't stop runnin'
8. Midnight in Tokio
9. Shine on
10. If you want me (dedicated to Phil)
11. Blind patriot
12. Winds of change
13. Hungry for rock
14. Don't bring me down
15. I believe in you
16. Hurricane
17. Drums solo
18. Summertime girls
19. Rescue me (dedicated to Jill)
20. Squeeze (dedicated to Phil)
21. I'm coming home
22. Hell or high water
23. Forever

Great gig, two and a half hours of fun, you're the best.
We are waiting for you next year!

Long live Y&T