On with the Show
Black Tiger
Afraid of the Dark
Lipstick and Leather
Don't stop Running
Shine On
Midnight in Tokyo - was not on list Improv
Blind Patriot
Winds of Change
Eyes of a Stranger
Hungry for Rock
Dirty Girl
Rescue Me
Hell or Highwater
I Believe in You- dedicated to an anniversary couple
Barroom Boogie
Summertime Girls- billed as last chance for summer before going to EU
Squeeze-some screaming like a beasts by all
I'm Coming Home - dedicated to Phil Kennemore
Contagious - encore
Forever - encore

Parking was simple for me right across the street.
A must see for next year. Y&T are a national treasure.
And I agree with the Dude...Fresno represented hard last night.
FYI - Trey Tosh Band .... Holy hell Batman these guys need a f#%*^
promotor bad.