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Thread: The Passing of Phil Kennemore

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    Phil is reading all of our posts with a smile because he knows we all love him.
    From every Y&T fan on earth we all extend a worldly warm hug to you and Mighty Proud Eagle.

    Soar high....
    soar free as you captivate the
    masses in heaven musically.

    Incorrect ? you see ~
    is the correct way to be that is
    Y&T`s Phil-osophy.

    From the moon ~
    to NowhereLand finally reaching heaven Phil wears his golden halo
    as he watches over the band.

    With a golden smile
    and a heavenly glow, Phil knows that in 2011
    the Earth will Shake so....
    On With The Show.


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    Just watching Iron Maiden somewhere in time,
    and i just thought of Phi. Steve Harris and Phil K.
    Look a lot alike while up the stage.

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    I still can't believe he is gone.

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    Default Jay Codina guitarist - an old friend of the band

    Hi Dave,
    I don't know if you remember me, but I was one of the kids who used to hang out with Mark Johansen (Leonard's friend). We used to travel around to local gigs with you and hang out backstage. You guys were always so nice to us and it's a fond memory I have of Y&T. Last night, I read about Phil in a UK magazine, and my heart hit the ground. He was a great musician and a very kind person to me, and I'll always remember that. I want to give my condolences and pay my respects to Phil Kennemore for his lifetime of achievements and friendship to all who knew him.

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    Default Late as usual!

    I was just on youtube watching some old Y&T footage (fell into them somehow), and thought....."wonder how Phil is these days?"

    I have been so busy the last few months, I hadn't kept up with anything or anyone and to my shock there was the picture of Phil with his life years underneath. My heart sunk and I quickly came to find a thread such as this.

    I too was at the Virginia Beach show back in '09 with "Cabdriver" and Tom and sat next to Phil in the bar. We were, I think the only 4 people in there at a booth table besides the bar tender just sitting, drinking, tellin' stories. Phil could not have been more down to earth...........and damn could he drink, almost couldn't keep up

    It saddens me greatly to know that was my first and last time ever talking to him. He had to bow out of the show which would have been my next opportunity (Jaxx in Va in 2010) and Brad............(last name escapes me) had to fill in (did a great job and was equally as cool to me as Phil was after the show).

    I'm just so glad I got the literal "once in a lifetime" opportunity to meet a great guy and musician that I've idolized for so many years. Its obvious he is greatly missed and I can only imagine how Dave (especially) must still feel.

    Dave, band, and Phil's family, please accept my condolences, even as late as they are. I will now really cherish my meeting him and the couple of photos I got and can't begin to imagine the fun you must have had with the guy over all those years. You (we all) lost a great one!

    R.I.P. Phil......
    Rent me for your next vacation or

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    Default Hi Dave n' Jill

    Dave ... I'll never forget the day I met you guys ... the little barn in Fremont ...seems like only yesterday ... I know it seems that I bring that up often but it's because I'm so proud of you man and I had seen you when you still had your lamb chops opening for Boston at the Santa Monica Civic in like 76...I was so blown away with your beautiful and powerful playing that when I knew that I was going to meet you man, I couldn't sleep the night before...and although there were many times that I could not make it to the shows, I was always and always will be ... with you in Spirit. You know how I feel about you and how much I have ALWAYS loved your playing, God knows how much you influenced me as a young guitar player ... and Phil ... called me "Jeffy" ... he used to like to mess up my hair on's hard for me to talk about this without breaking down as we all grieve in our own way but Dave, everything you said about Phil the night you came home from the hospital touched my heart so deeply and yeah, Phil is quite a prize...I want to send my love and sympathy again to Phil's family, to You & Jill, and all the others that knew him...I read somewhere here that "Heaven must have one helluva' Band at this point" !!!

    As I read over the Y&T website again today as I often do, the memories flooded my mind of the hundreds of hours of listening to the band and trying to mimic your solos and sing your lines...the tears pooled up again and I just wanted you to know that along with hundreds of thousands of other Souls, I too have been blessed and have enjoyed the magic of Y&T but in my private and loving way. I am very happy that you are going to carry on Dave !!! In my humble opinion, Y&T has always been so much more than the "sum of it's parts" and if I ever get the chance to play with you, I TOO will deliver night after night the legacy of Y&T's music with ALL the passion and power that it was created with and I'll do it with all my energy and dedication ... just as the guys are doing now ... the Legacy of the Y&T music should march forward and I, for ONE, will always love and support you in whatever form you choose to present Y&T's music ... when I met the new boyz at the Galaxy(I know they weren't new, but it was my first time meeting them...haha) and in Modesto, they were gracious and kind to me and the music was phenomenal and I never had any doubt Dave. God broke the mold when he made Phil ... Smiling through the tears now remembering how funny he could be sometimes...

    On With The Show ... Y&T forever

    Your Friend & Fan,

    Jeff Paxton(All American Boy ... LOVE In Rock We Trust ... LOVE IT ... !!!!!

    P.S. The cell phone I owned at the time that you gave me your number again was dropped and because the insides were damaged they couldn't retrieve my numbers so I don't have your number anymore. I'll see you soon again my friend and we'll catch up then!
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    Dave, Band, and everyone that knew Phil,

    Saw you guys play a gig in Zwolle (Netherlands) june 2010, that was the second time i saw a Y&T gig and again it was awesome.. There was no escape from the sound, the songs, the band and the passion for music that was thrown right in our faces!

    Never could i have realized that Phil would pass away a few months later, though i never met Phil personnaly on stage he was (and is) the bassplayer i would like to be, and that's how i will remember him.

    R.I.P Phil, rock on! I'm sure you will.

    Edit: found this picture of Phil and Dave, i think its typical for Y&T and how the band has great fun beeing on stage. I made it in 2009.
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    Default Omg

    .....i dont know what say......i just heard this news today...made me cry.....phi was such a nice guy and so good to everyone.....i miss you guys....riding in the back of one of my limos heading to the show or hanging out back stage or in hayward waching you guys get ready for a limo co got its big brake taking you guys to the "down for the count" release party in the limo . I met the guys from wea and from then on i drove all the top bands that came in to the san fran bay area.....thanks dave.

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    Default very sorry to hear about his passing

    I am listening to mean streak LP on my high end tube system, I was wondering what is going on with Y&T and I saw this. We had played some shows with you guys in tge '80s we were also a good hard rock band.
    I guess you realize your getting older as you see people you grew up with passing.
    Well maybe he will get to jam with Hendrix.

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    I was in a place where I didn't here the news until just recently, and upon finding out I was very saddened. I saw Phil play with Y&T quite a few times in the 80's and he was a great musician and an imposing stage prescence. I can only go by all the positive things posted about him as to how great of a person he was. I'm sure knowing him personally was very rewarding and I only wish I had that chance myself.

    RIP Phil ... we all love and miss you.

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