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Thread: The Passing of Phil Kennemore

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    Default Gutted

    My condolences go out to Phil's family, friends and band mates.

    He sure was a character that will live long in my memory. He was always pure entertainment on stage and his bass playing was awesome.

    We really missed him on this years UK tour (sorry Brad, no offence) and were sure he would be back.

    Absolutely gutted!

    R.I.P. Phil, love ya dude.

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    Default RIP Phil - the world is now a darker place

    OH MY GOD !

    Just learned of this a few moments ago and i am absolutely devestated by the loss of one of the musicians that made me first tuen onto rock music.

    Hearing "Earthshaker" for the first time opened my ears to a music that was both exciting and intoxicating and grabbed me in a way nothing I had heard before did. The moment I first heard the amazing scream on "Squeeze" has stayed with me to this very day!

    After being into Y&T for years I finally got to see and meet the guys after the Newcastle show a few years ago and it has been my great pleasure to interview Dave twice, and on each occasion he always mentioned what a huge part of his life Phil was.

    I remember the first time I met Phil. Outside Newcatle Academy in the small hours, there were only a few of us had waited due to the pouring rain, but just as Phil emerged it stopped. He was obviously a little drunk, swigging from a bottle of booze wrapped in brown a paper paper bag, and obviously in great humour as the young lady who had waited asked him to sign her boobs found out!

    Stopping a few minutes to sign our albums and sharing a couple of jokes and funny stories from the road, it was great to meet a guy I had so long been a fan of that was just a chilled out and relaxed human being and not some jumped up fucking ass wipe of a wannabe rock star like so many others I have met.

    One of the nicest guys I ever met in the music business, I will genuinely miss him. My deepest sympathy to all the Y&T family at this time.

    God bless you Phil, my heart aches to know I will never hear you laugh again.
    "Hug a heffer - you know you want to!"

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    Very shocked to hear this very bad news.

    My thoughts and condolences to Phil's family and friends.

    Ferry Zoutendijk

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    discovered Y&T via the "Open Fire" album, been hooked ever since.

    sad day in the world of Rock and Heavy Metal.

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    Default sad

    I'm very sad to hear this. Phil will never be forgotten.

    I recently had a mutual friend just send me the note "call me". But, I didn't want to call. I just had a feeling about this.

    I just want to share my sympathy for your loss, Dave and Jill, and to Phil's family.
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    I love you Phil, forever...R.I.P.

    Dave , Please take his soul to Japan.

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    Unhappy Just Devistated...

    My Husband and I are devistated to hear that Phil has passed. He has been such a huge musical influence to us, and we were blessed to have the chance to meet him and see him in concert. He will be greatly missed by his fans and the music world, but its his family, bandmates and closeset friends who's lives will have the largest hole in their hearts. What a blessing that you were all able to be there and surround him with your love, Dave. There is no better way to go home to the Lord.

    Our sincerest condolances...We share in your greif, but rejoice Phil is no longer in pain and now in heaven with his loved ones and the Lord. Sending our love and and continued prayers to you all, and mostly for Phil. God bless you Phil...May flights of angels see you home.

    Kim & Craig Cook

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    My deepest sympathy to Phil's family and Dave, Jill and the whole band and families

    my heart hurts Phil is unique and we can all be grateful for the
    wonderful memories we have of him

    he will always be on that stage forever!

    Love you Phil so not fair you had to leave.

    All my love to all

    I need to go play squeeze now ......

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    Default Sad day

    The world has lost a great talent, a beautiful soul, and a wonderful human being. My heart is heavy today upon hearing of the passing of a man I was fortunate enough to call my friend. My deepest sympathies go out to Hannah, Sean, Dave, Jill, and the Y&T family, friends, and forum crew. Words fail to express the profound effect that Y&T's music has had in my life. I have great memories of times I have shared with Phil talking shop and rocking out at shows. Thank you Phil for those memories, I will cherish them FOREVER. Your spirit will still live strong in the hearts and minds of people you touched in your short life. Shine on my friend, I will see again one day.

    Much love and respect,

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    Chills down my spine reading Dave's post....very sad.

    Unfortunately Phil's illness just took him off the road the show before I saw the boys in Madison, WI this past July.

    So when reading this my mind is flashing back to the last show i saw two years ago in Schaumburg, IL with Phil in the lineup. Such a good time and such a good show in a cramped sports bar. As always, the guys rocked.

    I'd hope we can all take a little solace in the fact that Phil definitely got the most out of life and lived it to it's fullest.

    He will be remembered and the beautiful music he made will carry on.

    Thank you Phil.
    Completely Underrated Album!!!

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