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Thread: Phoenix?

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    Default Phoenix?

    Is there any possible dates for a gig in Phoenix? I would LOVE to see you guys play live!


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    Default Long Time Coming

    Jill says she has tried but cannot get a promoter to book them. I can't see why- there are so many No Cal people here it would sell. Call the radio stations and ask for Y&T!

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    Well.... and this is just personal speculation on my part:

    Having just returned from a trip to Pheonix, I imagine that Jill does not book a show there because the band would MELT!! LOL.

    And -BTW- That "DRY HEAT" thing is a myth perpetuated by the locals to try to justify the fact that they actually live there. During our stay the daily temp averaged 109 degrees and I'm sure the humidity was over 110 percent. I found myself yearning for the meteoroligical comfort of New Orleans.

    I did enjoy the nightly lightning shows, and the fact that everything was air conditioned, but those trips though the parking lot and into the sun-baked car where unbearable. We developed a system where we drew straws and the loser had to run ahead of the group and start the car (and thus the air conditioning) early.

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