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Thread: 12-13-03 ~ The Little Fox Theatre- Redwood City, CA Dave's 50th Birthday

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    Dave Meniketti, Chris Miller - Drums, Tommy Grasso - Guitar and
    Keyboards, Myron Dove - Bass........
    All in the this together
    Angel on my shoulder Storm
    Take it like a man
    Mr. Big
    Lay me down Mr. Blister
    Until next time
    Tough luck ave.
    Tell me
    No Lies
    I remember
    Phil - Bass, John Nymann - Guitar, Dave Notory - drums........
    Theme from The Courtship of Eddie's father - He's my best friend
    Theme to the Addams family/Dave Men-i-kett-i.
    Tom Jones - She's a lady
    Beatles-Birthday song.
    Jimmy De Grasso - Drums
    Myron Dove - Bass........
    21st century
    Phil - Bass........
    Fly away
    Forum members: Marty Carpenter - Drums, Steve Shambaugh - Guitar, Chaz -
    Black Tiger
    w/Degrasso - Drums........
    Man's world
    w/Leonard Haze - Drums
    w/John Nymann - Guitar........
    Loan me a dime
    w/ Leonard Haze - Drums
    w/ Joey Alves - Guitar........
    Allman Bros - One way out
    25 hrs.
    Dirty Girl
    Rescue Me
    Cutting 'em down to "sucker size" since 1996.

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    YEAH!!!!! Such a Night! Thanks for the reminder & for gettin' the personnel changes down pat. AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Great way to kick off a new section to the site!

    Hopefully there will be some new setlists to add real soon!!

    Can we pre-order the dvd yet????
    "Negativity isn't good for the soul." ~Phil Kennemore

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