I have a Sunlite kit just because it was the best used kit I could find on Oahu when I got fed up with my Roland electronic kit, which I have now integrated into my acoustic kit, which is very cool, but not easy to move. Not gigging these days so it's ok. Bought a Paiste signature power crash which was the baddest cimbal in the store I got it from-Zone Music & Recording in Petaluma. or is it Santa Rosa? Anyway-love this cimbal. Got it for the Dream Jam competition to boost my chance of winning. It's too good for my funky kit really, but my ol' Zildjians still sound ok, esp. the li'l 12" Splash. Got a loud Wuhan cimbal & a comparatively quiet one. Like to use a variety of percussion-lg. LP Rock cowbell, lg. woodblock, tambourines mounted on both sides, wind chimes, & a small gong that sounds BIG. Also use Pearl dbl. bass pedals.

Used to have a dbl. bass TAMA Granstar kit with 24" basses. What size bass drum is yer Vista Lite, Marty? That Zep Kit is sweet with it's 26".

DW is probably the best way to go now. My friend Aaron has a beautiful charcoal grey DW kit that sounds TERRIFIC. I want one!

Leonard probably has the best pedals, but I'll prob'ly get the IRON COBRAS when these cheapos I'm usin' fall apart.
Leonard used to play a BIG {{{{GONG}}}} ....wish he'd resurrect it.