Lets talk drums here.What brand of drums do you guys play and or recomend?
I own three different drum kits:
A 1960 Ludwig white marine pearl 4-piece.
A 76 Ludwig Clear Vistalite 5-piece w/o snare.
96 Yamaha 4 piece that used to be a five (long story).

I am using primarily Sabian cymbals right now.Thinking of going back to Zildjian for a set of heavy crashes 17 &18 inch.Mucho dinero but well worth the sound.Something beefy I can really sock like Leonard.What cymbal set-up do you guys use?

I have used a Yamaha bass drum pedal since the 80's, which come to find out is the same pedal Leonard used for many years before he went to Axxis percussion.I own two of them and I have never had any REAL problem with them as long as I maintained them well.I've always liked a pedal thats got some meat to it.

I go through about One high-hat stand a year or so.I really abuse them I guess.Currently using an Iron Cobra (TAMA) simply because it was the beefiest thing my local music store had in stock.(Wise Music,Salinas)I went through MANY a Ludwig high-hat back in the day.The Cobra is cool because it has a real high adjustment on it that can bring the cymbals up very high.

I could go on.I just wanted to initiate a drum discussion here.I would love to hear any one elses set-ups,uses,input etc.....

I have moved my cyber-rig out here to my "studio",which has enabled me to be online a little more.So I can hopefully contribute more to this forum...Marty

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