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Thread: You Can Never Have Enough Cowbell? Get Some Here!

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    Thats it, your getting a cowbell for your birthday and a lovely bunch of coconuts too.

    Cowbell in my head now...
    "Its a beautiful day, don't let it slip away..."

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    Wink Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Party Girl View Post
    Thats it, your getting a cowbell for your birthday and a lovely bunch of coconuts too.

    Cowbell in my head now...
    Thanks Michell. I'll take the cowbell and coconuts.
    James can use the cowbell for his drum kit and I can make homemade coconut pie. LOL
    There's a trick way to get rid of an ear worm - like those you mention above.
    You find another tune with an equally strong hook.
    Often that neutralizes the first ear worm. Ahem....
    The other way is to keep playing it till it burns itself out.
    Some earworms take longer than others though. Really long.
    I usually do the second one.


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    The Cow Bell is such an Important factor in ones day to day life that MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) is trying to submit a new nationwide law making it an illegal Act to Drink Alcohol and Play Cowbell. Latin Legends such as Malo, Azteca & Carlos Santana Support this Law so much that Malo has changed there name to Bueno. Carlos Santana has had Breathalyzers installed on all his Cowbells including the ones the Timbali player uses.

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