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Thread: A Reiteration of the Forum Rules

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    Aug 2008
    Asheville, North Carolina

    Default Y & T Reunion!!

    On Friday Nov.14th in Springfield, Va will be the first time I have seen Y&T since the 80's when they opened up for Rush on the "In Rock we Trust" tour. I saw them in Johnson City , Tn and met Dave Meniketti at the mall record store. I am driving 7 1/2 hours from Ashevile NC to see this show!! And I am PUMPED!! Me and my wife are so excited!! I about passed out when I went on and Y&T came up at Jaxx !! I will order some of the new material so I will be ready for the front row!! WOW!! I cant wait!!! I am going to talk to some of my buddies that own the "Orange Peel" in Asheville voted by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the top "2" venue's in the US to have a concert, they HAVE to bring in Y&T!! MAN, I CANT WAIT !!!! I hope Jaxx' sales out and me and the wife can't wait to ROCK!!! DAVE AND THE GUYS>>>> WE CANT WAIT!!!!! CYA SOON!!! PLEAAAASEE COME DOWN SOUTH !!!! Rockin Ron

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the forum Rockin Ron.
    You're about to be blown away by the fact that they're even better than you remember them. Really.
    I just saw them play a two and a half hour plus show that smoked all the way through.
    You're gonna have a great time!

    Welcome again.



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    Welcome to the best forum on the net Ron .
    Home of the most kick ass band on this planet

    Y & F__KIN T.!!!!


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    Jul 2003
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    Great to see such dedication in fans that travel long distances to see Y&T!
    I hope ya get your wish & Jill can dial in a show at the Orange Peel tooo
    "Negativity isn't good for the soul." ~Phil Kennemore

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    Mar 2007
    Marina, CA


    Welcome to the Family Ron. Don't be a stranger and don't be scared, we don't bite....... much.

    In loving memory

    Daniel Eric Madden
    May 11, 1957 - May 19, 2012

    I'll meet you in the next world... don't be late.

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    This will be my first post on the forum Jeff. I'm a bit older than alot of the rest, but how do you get those cool emonicons like the head banger posted by Janine?

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    Antioch, CA USA


    Older ? That's what YOU think. there's a lot of folks here who recall seeing the band at places like Wolfgang's, and when they were called "Yesterday & Today." (Not me, I hopped on board at "Black Tiger", but there's a lot here)
    <img src= border=0 alt= />

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