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    Hi all,

    I just thought I'd share what people are saying here in Sweden after the Y&T performance!

    What a setlist! Only great songs. I'm
    extremely pleased!
    Y&T gave one of the best performances
    ofthe whole festival.
    Maybe my biggest musical experience from the festival.
    They played all the classic songs, plus the great guitar playing from Meniketti that
    added to the show.
    Besides he seemed to be a very sympathetic and nice musician.
    What a fu**g show!!
    What a start - Mean Streak!
    Y&T Sweden Rock Festival 2003, can a show be better ?
    It was real damn good!
    Totally agree!!!
    I really think it was a magical show.
    The complete musical experience.
    Y&T was very good. Just what hardrock should sound like.
    Best show I have seen on Sweden Rock Festival EVER! And went straight into my Top 5 shows EVER.
    I've never seen a band smile so much.
    I wonder what reception they had expected ?


    Ok, those are just some snippets of what people said after the show.
    Roughly translated by me from the Sweden Rock forum.

    And from the Official Sweden Rock Festival website, they summerize this years festival, and they write...

    This year's favourites: My personal opinion is like this: Y&T (Like time had been standing still, so incredibly good!!)

    I just thought you wanted to hear what people said..

    Tommy Mogren - Sweden

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    Tommy Mogren - Sweden
    Proud father and smiling even bigger now...
    Oh, by the way....everybody needs a Wim-Wim!

    It's been too long since I travelled with the EuroForum... I miss it.

    Y&T Facemelting Fanpages

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    That ROCKS!!

    So glad they finally got over to your neck of the woods and were so well recieved!

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    That is so kool Tommy,Thanks.

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