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  1. The A's are on a serioussssss roller coaster of...

    The A's are on a serioussssss roller coaster of wins and losses!
  2. yup! and they had the highschool chior sing with...

    yup! and they had the highschool chior sing with them during the song!
  3. My fave team taking a nose dive :'( the A's!

    i know the team that beat us last year in the playoffs the det tigers must have known something we didnt lol but they almost swept them in 2013 and they did terrible against us.....until the...
  4. lol embarrassment at the foreigner concert!

    ok next time folks never everrrr sit in the front row of foreigner! man kelly hansen embarrassed everybody so bad I was just embarrassed! in a good way tho lol! he told everyone to put their arms...
  5. Mic jones is still going strong but sometimes its...

    Mic jones is still going strong but sometimes its tough when you get older! i am lookin forward to all them cowgirls tomorrow night tho!
  6. 2 concerts this friday and saturxay i am stoked!!!

    on friday its Dwight Yoakam and saturday its Foreigner!!! now of course foreigner has one original member and its missing lou, but music is music to me! now the crazyyy drunk from slang blade...
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    R.i.p Johnny Winter

    truelly a sad day in guitar history!
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    sadly no there was no cameras, i checked around...

    sadly no there was no cameras, i checked around and asked the companies
  9. To dave meniketti and john nymann! also brad and mike and everyone else! i got to pla

    got my hands on a original les paul 59' got to play it for 10 minutes but man it felt like a life time! i was just so gracious and humbled to even get to hold that beauty!!! have you guys ever got to...
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    Graduation gift stolen

    i recently in 2012 good my high-school diploma after years of trying and my family bought me a 1,000 mountain bike for as a gift. sadly the other day i left my bike locked up for a couple hours and...
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    The king is alive and well?

    well kinda lol everyone look up the greatest elvis impersonater ive ever heard! his name is Ben Portsmouth! go enjoy as much as i do!
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    david carr was tossed to the dogs which was very...

    david carr was tossed to the dogs which was very very stupid! i bet you anything that carr will get some snaps because the raiders are really bad so they might pull schaub out from how he did the...
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    im very worried tho that he'll end up like his...

    im very worried tho that he'll end up like his brother being tossed to the dogs and never be able to grow as a great Qb because raiders have a super hard division to go against! im a die hard fresno...
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    derek carr to the raiders!!!??

    its official derek carr was drafted to the raiders and johnny manziel was picked to be a browns player!
  15. sorry if i crossed the line but i made a request tonight!

    jackyl of full throttle saloon asked fans to request upcoming bands or legends of rock to be booked at full throttle! so i sent a long fan message about y&t and how i want to see you guys play there!...
  16. did anyone see anderson silvas leg break!

    it might just be and ending for the greatest mma fighter of all time! that leg break was so nasty!
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    Styx Equinox!

    the radio station this morning played the whole album all the way through no commercials damn that album rocks! just floored me of how much music was that amazing back when
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    :( im so sad in life

    this forum helps me very much to keep a smile on my face
  19. lol sorry I tried describing how I felt a little too literally

    yes sir dave its the same amp my papa bought from you he plays alot of acoustic stuff now and I play blues and instead of shelling out a couple grand on another tube amp im buying his modern vintage...
  20. hey babe magnet this ones for you!

    as a young gent that I am I got really hardcore into the blues and the modern vintage my dad bought is going to be mine only because hes gotten really into acoustic music and I dont say this about...
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    i ride a bike lol yeah some excuse but until we...

    i ride a bike lol yeah some excuse but until we use alternative energy which huge motor companies do everything in there power to stop we will just have to cope with it! i domt blame the president...
  22. oh my gosh i am soooo sorry for your loss my...

    oh my gosh i am soooo sorry for your loss my deepest condolences to you and your family
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    a must read for y&t

    did you guys know someone actually created a y&t facemelter amp/pedal with the dragons on it and it has a nice set of functions ill email dave or jill or anyone about this pedals info its on youtube...
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    next night was styx!

    they rocked pretty damn hard tommy shaw was spot on but sadly that lead singer just isnt dennis and he lacked somewhat the flare of deyoung but all and all great show!probably one of the best shows...
  25. tower of power concert was awesome!

    i will never ever forget it! the horns were so smokin i almost had a musical heart attack the singer mr.braggs him self was just one of the best singers ive ever heard in my life! emilio castillo...
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