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Jeff "Rowdy J" Kehr
09-09-2005, 03:46 PM
Post 'em here guys... have a GREAT time tonight! :beer:

09-10-2005, 10:06 AM
While I know others will have reviews to put this to shame, I'll just say that last night was an amazing show. It did justice to last year's at Moe's where I first saw DMB. It was my bf's first time seeing them, and he loved it. Despite recovering from a nasty cold/flu, it was a lot of fun and the band sounded great (from what my plugged ears could hear!). I finally got to hear Train at long last too! About the only thing I missed hearing was their bluesy version of Dirty Girl. :D I did see a few people there (R&RGirl, Terr, Nancy, Ramtastic), but kinda minimized the socializing since chatting flared up the throat. Still fun to see you guys! Anyway, I'll let the pro story-tellers have at it; thanks guys for a fun night!

Stereo Steve
09-10-2005, 10:37 AM
have a GREAT time tonight!
OK, if you say so..... I ain't no great story teller but here goes... It was a really good show, one I'm glad I didn't miss. Took my younger brother who really enjoyed it also. To me it seemed that there was a little bit of a hic-up in getting started but by the second song, they were full speed ahead. Maybe that was just dialing in the sound; not sure. A 15 minute delay was no biggie...

As usual, Dave tore it up through the entire show mezmerizing myself and the rest of the forum gang up front and center both with his vocals and guitar. Broke only one string after which he exchanged guitars during the song flawlessly. (at least that's how it appeared). I told my brother we were going to see the master and he didn't dissapoint.

I had a hard time taking my eyes off of Myron though as that guy never ceases to amaze me. I recently bought a bass to use for recording so I now have an increased sense of appreation for his craft. His intro to "Mister Blister" just melted the place.

Tommy is such a cool guy to watch have fun up there. Dave let him do the honors during a lot of Mister Blister, and a couple others, which really let his tallent shine through. Speaking of which, I bought his just released CD there last night and while driving home listened through it twice. Only 4 songs but good ones. As he was signing it, he told me that it was Myron who produced it. Cool.

Chris was on top also. It seemed that he had a lot of friends there as there was a long line of folks coming up to the stage during songs waving to him. Each time he nodded back, smiled, and didn't miss a beat. I forget which but during one song something must have gone wrong with his snare so it was replaced while he kept playing.

4 very tallented musicians who really know their stuff. Thanks for the great show guys. Oh, the set list... I know that'll be posted by someone else but hey, I got to finally hear Train live! And they threw in "Sail on By". What more could I have asked for....:D

On a personal note, I took my brother to a pizza restaurant down on 41st. avenue across from the theater where I saw Star Wars when it was first released. What trip I had down memory lane before the show as I grew up in that area.

09-10-2005, 10:58 AM
Curious as to the venue.....

How big is the place?

Was it a sell~out?

How many in attendance?

Inquiring minds......

Janine :D

Stereo Steve
09-10-2005, 11:15 AM
I think I remember the sign over the front door listing a capacity of 180 something and I'd estimate that it was a little more than half full. They have a nice outside patio area but that was closed. Pretty nice place though.

09-10-2005, 11:16 AM
Moe's is a nice intimate venue. It's a decent size club, but the room goes more toward the back with a narrowed view of the stage. Great sound too. I thought the crowd was smaller than last time, but a good sized turn out (don't think it sold out). Perhaps that's partially due to the fact there was a Thursday show and one tonight so the crowd is a bit more broken up.

Jeff "Rowdy J" Kehr
09-10-2005, 11:28 AM
Curious as to the venue.....

How big is the place?

Was it a sell~out?

How many in attendance?

Inquiring minds......

Janine :D

Let's put it this way... there were more people there than the Santa Rosa gig... and I wasn't even there to witness it! :CRYING:

Vegas Vinny
09-10-2005, 01:13 PM
The show in Santa Cruz at Moe's Alley was AWESOME !!! Dave & the boys were on FIRE !!
VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING on the attendance . Not many people were there !! WHY ? I have NO IDEA !!
All of the people who attended the show really enjoyed themselves & were very happy on the band's performance !!
The forum people that were in attendance : Rock&RollGirl , Leif , No Regrets
( Nancy ) , Susan Rocks , & I know that I saw several other familiar faces in attendance , BUT i'm BAD on names !!! If I offended anyone I do apologize !!!
I even have a problem remembering my own name & I even forgot my girlfriend's name once !! If she would've found that I had forgotten her name
she would've killed me !!

09-10-2005, 01:55 PM
Yep, what they all said, what an awesome, awesome show!

09-10-2005, 04:46 PM
Oh My!
well this was the first show that had every obstacle for me to
get to it!
thanks to Nancy m.c. for making this trip possible.
Kelly! you are the best! if it wern't for Kelly I'd still be driving
around maybe in Mexico today :lmao: so many thanks to you
for helping me!
Barely made it in the door at 9:30 greeted by the beautiful Jill
who ordered me to get a drink lol lol

I must say 'take it like a man' I felt high listening to that
Dave played it with so much more than I have heard
it was so deeply moving had to close my eyes and was
in a zone myself

yes! Train finally heard it and really liked it

Angel on my shoulder was another highlight as was tell me why and sail on by

Tommy took my phone while I was calling Henry for songs
and he was talking to him during the middle of the show
I told henry see your always a part of it somehow , was way
too cool of Tommy to do that what a dude!

yes Myron is always so happy what great vibes he puts out

Chris was rocking on those drums sounded great

was very bummed not to see Dave after the show
I hope your feeling better

Blondedutchess you sure looked great for not feeling well
was so nice to see you! your b.f. is such a cutie and soo nice
was also nice to see Steve,Leif,Marty,
Vinny,Susanrocks,Kelly,Susan. if I forgot anyone forgive me I'm going off 4 hours sleep here

Hey Ye Pirate Terr was GREAT laughing with you again, thanks for
introducing me to your free spirit friend Steve whom thinks Im a goddess :lmao:you were in a great mood last night, we are in such a great place let's please stay here okay:D what fun! I finally got
to meet Thinlizzy, did you really think by staying in the back
I would not find you :D I tortured this man by talking to him
alot! you are one cool dude! ya gotta hang with us girls next
time, its a must!

Very glad I went and the drive home was long but beautiful
along the coast ahhhhh.

r/r/g over and out

09-11-2005, 09:29 AM
Hey all,

Performance wise, Moe's Alley was even better than it was last Sept!! As far as attendence....lackluster :( There were MAYBE 40-45 people there. However, we were all there for Dave and the boys!

The setlist was awesome (listed below), as always, and the band treated us to over 2 hours of blistering tunes.

Dave was in very fine voice and his playing was incredible! He was definitely 'in the zone'. Both and and Chris took 'Until The Next Time' to the next level. This brings me to my next comment. I've always loved Chris' playing and thought he was a rock solid drummer, but tonight...tonight, he took it to another level. To the point where both Tommy and Myron looked back several times and 'woooooohooo'ed'. ;) Chris is badass!

Myron is always the king of bottom end and plays to make every show one to remember. Tommy played some really nice melodic leads and always lays down the rythmn!

The setlist was:

SET 1:
1. I Can't Take It
2. Lay Me Down
3. Storm
4. Take It Like Man
5. Tough Luck Avenue
6. Train
7. Until The Next Time
8. Bad Feeling

SET 2:
1. Man's World
2. Messin' With Mr. Big
3. Angel On My Shoulder
4. Take My Time
5. Tell Me Why
6. Sail On By
7. Mister Blister
8. I Remember
9. No Lies

10. Loan Me A Dime

09-12-2005, 01:30 AM
Up until the last minute, I had really hoped to make this show. I wanted to make it 100% at all the Moe's Alley DMB shows. But, alas, personal issues have a way of getting in the way of R&R. Not only dealing with the wife's big 'C', but her grandmother picked one hell of a time to pass away after 94 years.... The funeral was Saturday. That put me in charge of moving the first of the twins into college this weekend... CAL POLY SLO!!! (at least it was close to home and one of the best colleges in the country.....flame away, HAHHAHA).

Sounds like it was a kick ass show...as always. I just wish I could have shown my support to the band. I was definitely there in spirit. Thanks for the reviews.

09-12-2005, 02:45 AM
Sure would have liked to see more people at this show & Santa Rosa...Dave was putting all his heart & soul into it as usual & it seemed like a bit more than usual even at these shows!! Finally got my ol' pirate cohort Steve to a MENIKETTI show...I've been tryin' to get him to a Y&T show for 20 years....still haven't succeeded at that. Take It Like A Man was phenomenal...like Dave just wrung all the emotion out that was possible. I turned to Steve & said "Most guitarists would have to lie down for a week after that." haha

ThinLizzy traveled a total of about 4,000 miles for these shows...which shows his DEDICATION. Maybe he'll get his request next time. The guy deserves a round of applause for comin' all the way down for his first 3 Y&T shows to start off summer, & then returnin' for his first 2 DMB shows to end the summer. Actually, it was already Autumn in the Cruz...Fall has fell. BIG apology that the rest of the time other than the shows wasn't more fun...but the MYSTERY SPOT sure was coool!

Good to see some o' the Forum regulars ROCKIN'....glad Susan & her friend made it out & also went on to the next night's show...WELCOME to the ranks of MENIKETTI "addicts"!!

A muy caliente chiquita in a clinging red satin strap top was shakin' like Shake-ira & her friend was sizzlin' tooo....along with a fine tall blonde...
"Hey Marguerita- One more senorita." heh heh
Carmen from Colombia. Ho-lay!

...ok, lil val...let's keep this vibe goin'...cheerful. ;)

Dave- Hope Your Feelin' Better ... Thanks for pourin' your heart out!! Us lucky few really, really do appreciate it!!!!!!!!!! :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:

09-12-2005, 09:37 AM
I'm glad I made it too Terr, thanks! It was really nice talking with you and to Leif, Marty and Steve. And it was nice meeting Thin Lizzy. That's cool that he came all the way from Canada to see them. That is dedication!
Sorry you couldn't make it Racemic and sorry about your wife's grandma. Hope your wife is doing ok.
Well, I guess I better get to work! I just got back from an interview at a winery in the Los Gatos Mtns. What a cool place that would be to work. But it would be a pretty hairy drive in the winter.

09-12-2005, 08:35 PM
Kelly! you are the best! if it wern't for Kelly I'd still be driving
around maybe in Mexico today :lmao: so many thanks to you
for helping me!

Valerie you crack me up. You weren't going to end up in Mexico - I promise. We just had to get you turned in the right direction and it all worked out.

You are too funny - I'm glad you didn't go back to the hotel LOL