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Jeff Bricker
09-22-2004, 07:24 AM
I love the avatar that I have and have gotten a sequence of those pics from Bill on his site. He took a series of 6 shots. How can I load that sequence from Bill's site to have an action avatar??? By the way everyone should go to Bill's site and sign the guest book. Keep taking those great pics Bill!!!!:beer:

The Rockin' Donkey
09-22-2004, 02:38 PM
You need to make the sequence of photos into an animated gif. Paint Shop Pro comes with "animation shop" which can be used to create the animated gif. If you don't have that, you might be able to find some freeware at No Nags (http://nonags.com)

Jeff Bricker
09-22-2004, 04:50 PM
I think I have that but I am an idiot so I really don't know how to make it work!!! HELP!!!

The Rockin' Donkey
09-22-2004, 06:46 PM
try these tuturials (http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/paintshoptutorialsanimation/)

09-22-2004, 07:42 PM
being an IT person, I strongly believe in educating the users, not doing it for them. Great tutorials btw. Even the earliest beginners can learn from these ones.

The Rockin' Donkey
09-22-2004, 09:38 PM
being an IT person, I strongly believe in educating the users, not doing it for them.

I agree 100%. I don't mind helping someone out, but if you're not careful you end up spending all of your time making things work for others.

Incidently, I'm a computer programmer that never spent much time on a PC until I bought my first one in the summer of 1996. I was a newbie only 8 years ago myself and I learned, so anyone can. The first time I tried to get online I made the most unforgivable user error ever - I wasn't bright enough to figure out that the username/password my ISP provided me with was what I needed to use to login to their network to get online.

If I can learn this stuff, anyone can.

Rock Image
09-22-2004, 10:32 PM
:_sure: Well, I ... I...

Oh, never mind:confused:

Jeff Bricker
09-23-2004, 05:33 AM
Was just trying to get a real cool new avatar up for the forum. It is a great series of shots of Dave and Joey front and center at the SF Civic.:guitarist :guitarist

09-23-2004, 11:45 AM
Hey-What happened to the ol' gifter shifter thread? What was that site where I could shrink down my gif avatars?

09-25-2004, 05:44 AM
My Paint Shop has animation software where all I gotta do is add the pics,and that is all.It will only allow 4 pics in the animation regardless of the size because the file will be to big if I add more than 4.

It works great and I have a few different ones I have done as most have seen.