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05-28-2006, 04:01 PM
Bike and Blues .....

Tuesday nights at Pastorini's in Clearwater, Fl.-

yeah I know - giant coachroaches, but they are really Palmetto bugs and don't carry diseases like cockroaches do:o

yes, I have now seen one (but the snowbirds ARE gone!) and the skateboard comment would be true - but only if you are irish or mexican and of smaller stature!:)

advertised in some biker magazine that I would know if I could find the damn business card.... - but EL Cheapo is now pals with the owner.:o .

Told Mr P I knew (of) an AWESOME blues band and a CD is forthcoming on our next trip - ( most enjoyable "business" dinner I can recall - in quotes cause it was ECL's gig and I was soo nervous until I started having an awesome time and was able to totally relax!).
not the biggest venue, but free accomodations could be a possibility!