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Babe Magnet
12-12-2005, 09:14 AM
Just wanted to say thanks to the bandmates in the Meniketti band and Y&T who took the time to chat with this fan (and all us other crazies) on Saturday night. Phil - great to finally get to BS with you a little. Remember to check the batteries in your smoke detectors :) . Always great to see Joey - so many fans wanting his autograph, and he's so good about it. I had sent a somewhat goofy question, via e-mail, to Tommy about the music biz and it was nice to say "thanks" in person. Nice saying hi to Chris. And, great getting to wish Dave a happy birthday. I was so close during the Y&T set that I got a little sweat and spit and it made me feel like I was belting it out too. Man, that Les Paul is really showing some wear. I could spend much time just looking over that guitar. Always nice to chat with Jill - busy and beautiful lady that she is. Remo, as always was busy chatting with his fans. Saturday's show reminded me of the good people involved in the effort. A classy event put on by good folks - makes many of us proud to be fans.

Oh, and moments like "Loan Me a Dime", and "I Can't Take It" were absolutely fantastic! I just kept elbowing Leif and yelling "This is the shit!!!!"

12-12-2005, 02:00 PM
Remo, as always was busy chatting with the young ladies.

Fixed it for ya'.