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12-12-2005, 02:00 AM
I want, always, to find some way to start one of the 'reviews' without saying that it was the best show I have ever seen. But, that is the only way I can realistically describe it. The combination of music, freinds, and fun add up to one great time that should not be missed. A turnout from all over the country (world?) of forum members adds to the unique quality of this show..... I can't possible name everybody that was there.... Hats off to Jill for coming through again with a tremendous event.... it has to be a huge amount of work, yet there she is always with a hug, a HUGE smile, and the ability to somehow spend a few precious personal minutes with each of us. Thanks to all for making this feel like far more than a "show", but more like an intimate night in the homes of our favorite musicians, just kickin' it and sharing the evening together. On with the show...

I Remember. I Can't help but get a lump in my throut everytime I here this song (I think of my mom). I don't know how Dave does it.
Storm. Dave commented on how nice the weather had been lately. Pirahna Girl mentioned to some of use how the weather in the bay was the best she had seen, and she was on a whirl-wind tour that included Arizona and Vegas.
Take It Like A Man. One of my DMB favorites. Dave, as usual, ripped it up on this one. I kinda wish it had been a little later in the set after the band had a chance to be a little bit more warmed up.
Tough Luck Avenue.
Take My Time. Hey Margarita... how 'bout another seniorita!
Until The Next Time.
Bad Feeling.
Man's World
Sail On By. A slight bit of confusion as Dave got all ready to perform Train at this point and gave a lyric sheet to the 'official' lyric holders Val and Nancy. I used the opportunity to make a rude comment about being 52 years old and that the mind is the 2nd thing to go at that age. I ain't gonna say where Nancy taped the sheet, buts let's just says that Dave's eyes popped out of his head.
Mr. Big
Angel On My Shoulder.
Train. The lyric holders were ready by now. I gotta say this would be my favorite song on the Meniketti CD, if I had the Japanese version. This song absolutely rocks. Dave said that he thought that this was only the 3rd time he had played it live.
I Can't Take It.
Tell Me why.
Mr. Blister. The absolute hi-lite of the DMB set. Featuring a HUGE blistering intro by Mr. Dove. A drum solo by Chris Miller, and great solo work by Tommy Grasso. Tommy would try to hand the lead back over to Dave, and Dave just sat there with his arms crossed with a big smile, jovially forcing Tommy to continue his ripping. Great work by Tommy.
Lay Me Down
Loan Me A Dime. Great cover of the old Boz Scaggs tune. I like Dave's version better.
No Lies. Now we're over two hours into the show and it ain't even half over yet.

DREAM JAM: Dirty Girl. With Susan (bass), theScoobyDude (guitar) and Mathias (drums). Every year I am amazed at how well the guests perform in this special treat... maybe it's Dave professionalism and abilities pulling them along, but they just did a great job. It is so much fun to live vicariously through the guest musicians. Without a doubt, the loudest crowd reaction of the night was at the end of this song.

Eyes Of A Stranger. Joey got up with a beautiful Black Kramer, but deferred to John Nymann on this song. Then he got back on stage for
Mean Streak. There was some sort of inside joke about Chris' ability to pull off the ending to the song. So much so that they did the last few bars of the song three or four times. Hillarious!
Rescue Me. The three song with Chris Miller on Drums. Nymann played Tommy's LP and Phil used Myron's Bass. I gotta thinks that this is a little like getting into a car you've never driven and then having to immediately race at Indy, but you would never have known by the sound that they weren't swinging their regular axes.
Hurricane. A tip of the hat to wankenstein aka Jay (Wilson?), who, in the absense of a drummer, was invited up on stage for the last 4 Y&T songs. So that was actually 5 dream jam members. This guy was the drummer for the opening band at the August Catalyst show, who quite impressed Mr Meniketti that night. It appeared that the other regular Y&T members were impressed with the Wanker's abilities too, as was the crowd.
25 Hours A Day
I Believe In You. The last five songs with a Nymann/Alves dual rythm assault. John did dabble on the keyboards a bit in I Believe.

So the often desired and fantasized, and requested "DMB opening for Y&T" was a reality on Saturday night. Another in a plethora of reasons why one should (try to) NEVER MISS this very special show. By now it was pushing 1:30 AM. So for 25 bucks, it was nearly five hours of the best music on the planet, and a piece of birthday cake to round out the night (thank Laurreta). Many more details... let's see if anybody can add to the list.

12-12-2005, 03:29 AM
ya ya ya...rub it in ya git!


12-12-2005, 01:39 PM
Great review RaceMic!

No Regrets
12-12-2005, 02:49 PM
Heheheee yes great review my friend.. we can always count on you! :)

I'll just add that I SOOOOO LOVE to see the Meniketti band and that extra long set was truly a birthday treat! Thanks Dave ,Chris, Tommy, and Myron for the set and sharing your instruments.

It was nice to see Sandy and Remo again.. the Meniketti family vibe is
rare and excellent to be around.. see you both at the NYE show!

The Dream Jam was excellent!!!!!!!!!!! The 3 Forum members ROCKED! Great job by all and you could just see the excitement in their eyes and smiles as they played. Great choice of song too... it showcased all the players very well.

Wankenstein rocked as well.. I kept looking at him thinking.. he's familiar and then it hit me that they opened for the SC show. I went up to him afterwards and said "wankenstein, right??" He said after the SC show he went and picked up the Ultimate collection and has been playing the songs every since. He said he was going to pick up the new re-releases
that night so he'll soon be able to play even more! Keep it up Jay.. you
sounded great!

Joey, Joey, Joey!!! You rocked as usual.. thanks for coming out, its a nice treat to see you onstage with the boys. I'm really looking forward to the NYE show.. that was a nice little warmup!

Phil and John.. great to see you and chat with you afterwards. Thanks
for making time for all of us! Hey Phil.. you think I should just wear the earring to mess with people?? ;) And yes I do notice a little difference but not much.

Jill, You outdid yourself again with keeping the show running smooth and still managing to interact with all the fans. Thanks for all you do.. it's much appreciated.

Suz, Susan, Russ, A&M SuX ( michael) , Dean Streak, Click.. good to see you all ! Thanks for making the trek.... we sure love seeing you! Val, thanks for driving and putting me up for the night . Always fun to hang with you no matter what!!!! xoxoxoJanine, thanks for the pointers on holding the lyrics! I got a little creative but in the end your way was better

So many great forum members at this show... our leader Jeff and Dani, the infamous Rock Image, Bosk, Stereo Steve, Babe,Leif,Valarie, Kelly, Mustang Girl, Jimmy CX, Rio Vista and his side kick , Vegas Vinnie, Lauretta - cake looks good on you! ;) I'm sure I've forgotten a few... sorry! There was definitely a few missed that are usually there! :(

Anyway.. another great Birthday! Thanks for sharing your special day with us Dave! I hope you have as much fun as we do! It's my fav show of the year.

Nancy :)

12-12-2005, 08:32 PM
All I can say is I felt like a kid in a candy store! On stage is the DM Band. On my left is Phil, on my right is John and right in front of me is Joey! How cool is that? And to get a chance to talk to them too? And then getting a chance to talk to Myron, Chris and Tommy too! You guys from both bands are all so nice and so cool. I missed Leonard, but Chris and Jay you guys both really rocked on the drums. Dave and Jill, what you guys do for the fans is unbelieveable! I wish that night never ended. I had a blast and the best part of the night, of course was playing with Dave!!!!!!!!!!
Babe Magnet and Leif, thanks again for all the tips and especially for the monkey tip Babe M!!!!!!! I tried to picture that, but it didn't work for very long. That was too funny! Marty, you got there pretty late, but it was nice seeing you.
It was really nice meeting you Click, thanks for introducing yourself. And Russ it was nice meeting you too. You and R&R girl make a cute couple. It was nice talking to you too Fast Eddie and our friends say thanks for the deal on the tix!
I never wanted to join the forum because I'm not very good with words, but it was the best thing I ever did! Janine and Val thanks for the congrats! I'm glad to be a part of the forum. Oh yeah, and Jill thanks for the coaching! I kept forgetting to breathe!!!!!!!

12-12-2005, 09:00 PM
Hey Susan. I'm glad the tips helped out, but it was you that kicked ass! You seemed really comfortable on stage. You all did a great job.

rio vista y&t fan
12-12-2005, 09:52 PM
that's some nice reviews there jay and nancy!!!!!!!!!!!the vibe and the venue of the bday bash make for life time memories.as always dave and and the band and all the special guests where in that special zone.and as always it was nice to see all you forum members and fans of a very special person.

rock on from the delta

galen stockdale